1. Attend an Information Session

We invite you to attend one of our open house events or to schedule an informational meeting with us after hours at the school.  During this session you will have the opportunity to see the school facilities and to meet our staff.  Open house events are held multiple times each year, and the next event is always advertised on the Admissions page of our website.  Informational  meetings may be scheduled outside of school hours.  These meetings provide the opportunity to get a more personalized introduction to the school.  Meetings can be scheduled by emailing or calling the school.  Generally parents are encouraged to come to information sessions without children, so that we can devote full attention to their introduction.  If children will attend, we can arrange for a student to be available to engage them while the session takes place.  After the parent has attended an information session, if they are interested in pursuing enrollment for their child or children, the next step is to obtain and complete an application for each child.


2. Obtain an Application

Our application form is detailed and is designed to provide information that is important to the enrollment process.  The application form may be downloaded on the Admission page of our website, or if you prefer, you can request a form by mail, or stop by the school to pick one up.  There is a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 due with the application form.  Only one fee is collected per household.  


3. Complete the Application Materials

A complete application includes an application form as well as school records request form and a student characterization form to be completed by a current teacher.  Characterization forms can be mailed or emailed directly to the school by the teacher.  Parents must request school records and the completed request should accompany the application form.  Applications are accepted throughout the year, but parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible. 

4. Student Class Visit

Families who have submitted application materials and who have had a parent visit may schedule a student  classroom visit.  The visit is generally a full day in duration.  During the visit the classroom teacher will conduct a casual student interview, this allows the student and the teacher to get to know each other.  

5. Admission Process and Acceptance Notification

Montessori Pathways has a strict non-discrimination policy that ensures equal opportunity for new applicants.  Montessori classrooms are based on an equal balances of students by grade and gender however, and Montessori Pathways reserves the right to maintain this balance through enrollment selection.  In addition, preference is given to siblings of current students, and to applicants with Montessori backgrounds.  Applicants may not be selected for enrollment, even if space is available, if the school determines that it is not the best placement for the child.  Parents may request an enrollment meeting if they want to discuss the decision making process.  If an applicant is a good fit, but space is not available, he or she may be placed on a waiting list at the parents’ request.  In early March Montessori Pathways begins notifying prospective parents of available spaces for the coming academic year.  After that a rolling admissions process begins.


6. Enrollment

Families will have 10 days to decide to enroll their student upon notification of acceptance.  If enrollment is pursued,  an enrollment agreement is signed and a tuition deposit equal to 10% of the total tuition is due to initiate the agreement between the family and the school.  Please note that the tuition deposit is non-refundable should the student not attend Montessori Pathways.  At this time a payment plan is selected.  The first regular tuition payment is due July 1st.