Head of School's Welcome


Greetings and welcome to Montessori Pathways School!  We are a young and growing RIDE approved, non-public school, providing a high quality Montessori education for grades 1 through 9.  We are located in Oak Harbor Village, which is surrounded by a beautiful natural setting with ample outdoor space.  Our space is bright and spacious and can support up to 36 students in 3 separate areas. 

It is a pleasure working with our students, as each day brings new interests and exciting discussions.  We are committed to providing an individualized education that meets the needs of each child, while maintaining rigorous academic standards.  Our curriculum meets or exceeds Common Core standards, without the need for standardized tests. Student progress is monitored continually within the classroom, and curriculum is adjusted to meet the needs of each child.  We value the development of independence, responsibility and self-confidence as well as an understanding of the connection between the individual, community and the environment.  Our multi-age classrooms provide optimal mentoring opportunities between peers, strengthening their knowledge and understanding of the purpose of the work. 


I am excited to be on this path and look forward to our continued growth.  I encourage any and all questions about our school.  Please email us with your questions, check us out on Facebook or contact us to set up an appointment to come see us in action, and please check back here for updates! 


Warm regards,



Tara Smith, MEd, PhD

Our Philosophy

We follow the teachings of Maria Montessori, and provide a peaceful, enriched and nurturing environment where children can learn independence, respect and self confidence.

Our History

Montessori Pathways of New England is a brand new Montessori School, established and approved as a non-public educational institution by RIDE in August 2014.  The school provides a full Montessori education for students grades 1-9. with complete Montessori materials and trained Montessori educators. 

                                             Come grow with us!