Upon occation we come across a book, article or manuscript that we think is especially good for relaying important inforation to parents and prospective parents of the Montessori community.   Neither Montessori Pathways nor any of it’s staff benefit from your purchase of the material below. 

FOLLOW THE CHILD:The Basics, the Misunderstandings, And Underlying Lessons of a Montessori Education

by Rob Keys (2015)

Montessori is the largest educational movement in the world. Why? Follow the Child shares essential Montessori concepts in a style that reads like a conversation with a friend over coffee. In exploring the themes and practices of this approach to childhood education the author surprises us with the obvious and the not so obvious, the misconceptions and history, as well as an exploration of its vast, integrated curriculum and overall themes. Comprehensive in its approach, Follow the Child is written in a style accessible to all who share an interest in the complex simplicity of children.


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