Summary of the Cost of Montessori Pathways Education 

Tuition and Fees
         If you are here and reading this, you are interested in figuring out if you can afford to send your child or children to Montessori Pathways.  The tuition and fees structure below represents the standard cost of education.  One of our underlying goals is to make Montessori education accessible to as many families as possible.  To that end we offer up to 12 months to pay for our program, and also provide some opportunities for academic scholarship through direct funding (when funds are available) or through tuition adjustment.  The amounts below should never be a reason not to investigate this educational opportunity!

Montessori Pathways has a simplified tuition and fee structure.  Unlike many Montessori schools, we have no one time enrollment fees (e.g. New Family Fee) and no yearly re-enrollment fee.  The yearly cost of education at Montessori Pathways is captured in just two numbers, tuition and activities fee.


Standard Tuition 2019-2020:

Grades 1-3: $8,000 for the first student, two or more students from the same family are discounted to $7,750 each.

Grades 4-6: $8,000 for the first student, two or more students from the same family are discounted to $7,750 each.

Grades 7-9: $10,500 for the first student, two or more students from the same family are discounted to $10,000 each.

A tuition deposit that represents 10% of the total tuition is due for each student at the time of enrollment.  Deposits are credited toward tuition.  Tuition assistance may be available, and payment plans allow families to spread the cost out over the year.  There are penalties if your child is dis-enrolled during the year.


Activities Fee 2019-2020: 

$500.00 per student, Grades 1-3

$900.00 per student, Grades 4-6

$1,200.00 per student, Grades 7-9

The activities fee is a yearly fee that helps to defer the cost of special classroom activities as well as away trips.  The activities fee does not include the cost of lodging for our Spring trip out of state.


Application Fee: 

$50.00 per household

A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 is due with the first application submitted per household.  This fee is not associated with the educational program, and covers the administrative costs of introducing a new family to the school.


Indirect costs

Materials:  Families supply each student with materials such as pencils, pens, colored pencils, pads, erasers, etc.  Supplies lists are provided prior to the beginning of the school year.  Some additional materials may be requested throughout the year.  Each student at grade 4 and above should also have access to a computer at home for occasional use.


Lunches:  Montessori Pathways does not have a lunch program.  Families provide student lunches and snacks.  The school provides filtered water which is available all day.  We are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles so candy and sweet drinks are not permitted.  We do offer a "Lunch Box" program where students can order a Subway meal on Wednesdays and/or pizza slices on Friday.  Participation in these programs is voluntary and they are at additional cost.  Signup for this program happens three or four times a year, and payment is due at that time.

If you have additional questions, please contact the school.  We will be happy to answer them for you.